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Na Aha Nna, Na Nwa, Na Muo Nso. Amen.
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Just recently I was watching some video clips of colorful community festivals in Igboland and observed with keen interest how the revere and honor their traditional rulers. One particularly caught my attention because he was a young ruler and was being guided by the elders yet he is held in high esteem by all. I went as far as noticing the authority and respect great masquerade commands in our communities. In this era of sycophancy and flattery, our bad politicians enjoy the applaud of rented crowds and uninformed people yet majority are denied of basic necessities of life. No good health care system, good road, free education, unemployment, insecurity, lack of good water supply etc and the people are dying from Boko Haram attack, kidnapping, road accidents, murder, suicide, poverty, sickness and unjust imprisonment. The good Shepherd and king of the universe will take care of his people and deal decisively with those who cause these untold hardship and harm. The Lord reminds us of the final just judgment and its necessary consequences. We can only elude the fiery furnace by showing love to those in need. "Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither". C.S Lewis. In the same vein, St. Ignatius admonishes us by saying :" Be generous to the poor orphan and those in need. The man to whom our lord has been liberal ought not to be stingy. We shall one day find in heaven as much rest and joy as we ourselves have dispensed in this life" May Christ continue to reign in our lives as king and lord of the universe. Happy feast of Christ the Universal King.


Our mission is to establish a thriving Catholic ethnic community for the Igbo Diaspora in New York. We seek to build a community that galvanizes and serves as a rallying point, a fountain of hope, and a forum for the worship of Almighty God in Igbo language and in accordance with the Roman Catholic faith. We envision a community that preserves and perpetuates the Igbo culture, language, social values, charity, and our Roman Catholic heritage through evangelization, catechesis, Bible studies, and advancement of Catholic principles and ideals.