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New York  @ Angela Merici  Catholic Church
917 Morris Avenue, Bronx, NY 10451
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Na Aha Nna, Na Nwa, Na Muo Nso. Amen.
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 ''When we eat this bread [food] and drink this cup [wine], we proclaim your death, Lord Jesus until you come in glory' the 3rd mystery of faith proclamation says it all. As Africans and Igbos in particular we know that sharing of food with friends has a great symbolism and shows signs of love, fraternity, unity and solidarity. The kolanut [oji] we 'bring, bless, share and eat replicates the four actions Christ did on the last supper. Francis Boston writes that 'eating a meal together is the most basic way of sharing common life, it restores what has been lost and gives strength for what lies ahead'. Think of the spiritual values of the Holy Eucharist. Bishop Ukpo says that 'Jesus celebrated the last supper within the context of a community meal. The love manifested in the traditional breaking of kolanuts can enrich the Christian understanding of the Eucharist as communion, as agape. Igba oriko' The Eucharistic celebration is the performative medium for the communication idiomatum of God's redemptive work' Barry Harvey. Let us come to this meal with the desired decorum and reverence and may it reflect in our community as sign of love, togetherness and strength in the lord.'Onye na anata Ahu na Obara Kristi na etoghi eto na eme ka ikpe Ahu na Obara Kristi ma ya'


Our mission is to establish a thriving Catholic ethnic community for the Igbo Diaspora in New York. We seek to build a community that galvanizes and serves as a rallying point, a fountain of hope, and a forum for the worship of Almighty God in Igbo language and in accordance with the Roman Catholic faith. We envision a community that preserves and perpetuates the Igbo culture, language, social values, charity, and our Roman Catholic heritage through evangelization, catechesis, Bible studies, and advancement of Catholic principles and ideals.