Igbo Catholic Community
New York  @ Angela Merici  Catholic Church
917 Morris Avenue, Bronx, NY 10451
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Na Aha Nna, Na Nwa, Na Muo Nso. Amen.
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Often our requests are materially centered than spiritual and we tend to go by ‘wants’ instead of 'needs'. Bartimaeus the blind man has demonstrated the power of interior and deeper need as against our worldly wants. In the recent past  people have been praying and fasting to win the mega-million or rather billion bucks. It is not really a bad idea but is that the need of the moment. We should not be swayed by the present realities of our time to be pushed into inordinate desires and ambitions. Here the story of Solomon the king comes to mind as he only asked for WISDOM to govern well and every other thing was given to him. Many of us are walking about blind even though we have eyes but we do not see, we have ears but we do not hear and we have mouths but we do not speak. We have become blinded by political jingoism, material acquisition and populist ambition that we fail to see the true values, beliefs and meanings of things. When we pray for our spiritual blindness to be opened only then shall we able to make right choices in life and get connected with things that truly matter. May God help us and open our eyes that we might see.


Our mission is to establish a thriving Catholic ethnic community for the Igbo Diaspora in New York. We seek to build a community that galvanizes and serves as a rallying point, a fountain of hope, and a forum for the worship of Almighty God in Igbo language and in accordance with the Roman Catholic faith. We envision a community that preserves and perpetuates the Igbo culture, language, social values, charity, and our Roman Catholic heritage through evangelization, catechesis, Bible studies, and advancement of Catholic principles and ideals.