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New York  @ Angela Merici  Catholic Church
917 Morris Avenue, Bronx, NY 10451
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Na Aha Nna, Na Nwa, Na Muo Nso. Amen.
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It is easy for some of us to castigate the Pharisee who prayed to himself and boasted about his achievement because he was proud but we are often guilty of the same pride. Among the seven deadly sins, pride is there and we like to show off a lot and move about with bloated ego. Pride is a deadly disease that even the sufferer hardly recognizes the difference between a place of worship and a market or social place. "Pride goes before destruction" Prov16:18. When pride comes, then comes disgrace but with humility comes wisdom. Prov 11:2. All our weaknesses and artificialities are hidden in the camouflage of pride. Thomas Merton remarks that pride makes us artificial while humility makes us real. Arrogance, perverse speech and evil behavior are offsprings of pride. The sinner who humbles himself and asks for forgiveness goes home peaceful and happy while the proud has no inner peace. As Paul humbly suffers for the sake of the kingdom, the crown of glory awaits him on the last day and this is simply the justice of God. Judgment and rewards await us on the final day. "The Lord has a day in store for all the proud and lofty, for all that exalted, they will be humbled." Is2:12 He opposes the proud and favors the humble. James 4:10 Paul admonishes us to humbly value others above ourselves. Phil 2:3


Our mission is to establish a thriving Catholic ethnic community for the Igbo Diaspora in New York. We seek to build a community that galvanizes and serves as a rallying point, a fountain of hope, and a forum for the worship of Almighty God in Igbo language and in accordance with the Roman Catholic faith. We envision a community that preserves and perpetuates the Igbo culture, language, social values, charity, and our Roman Catholic heritage through evangelization, catechesis, Bible studies, and advancement of Catholic principles and ideals.