Igbo Catholic Community
New York  @ Angela Merici  Catholic Church
917 Morris Avenue, Bronx, NY 10451
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Igbo language is at the core of Igbo Catholic Commnunity.  While all members of all ethnicies are welcome, we highly encourage our members to speak as much Igbo as they can.  The tutorials below are great for beginners and children.  
Abidii (The Igbo Alphabet)
Igbo Language Tutorials
Anyi n'eje (An Igbo Nursery Rhyme)
Ulo Uka (Church)
Oji Igbo (Kola Nut)
     Ezi (Pig)
           Ose (Pepper)
Obe (Cross)
Ekpere (Prayer)
Unere (Banana)
Akwukwo (Book)
Ofe (Soup)
Oka (Corn)
Igbo Exercises